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Rhonda Wiegand the Artist


Peering through the window of my studio, seven miles from a small town in Montana where I was born, I see the old homestead shack which stands testament to four generations, whose sweat and determination developed this land. Except for my husband, there is not another human being around for miles. I am counting my blessings. I paint with acrylics because they are fast and forgiving, allowing me to produce a prolific and colorful legacy of my connections with the land. I am drawn to paint the perfect stillness of life, perhaps to calm the disquiet I feel from a modern society that is fast encroaching on my personal space. Each painting has a story. When I no longer feel the need to put another single stroke on to the canvas, I then paint with my words and finish the stories that I start with my brush. Being the featured artist for the Footprints on the Trail Show is a huge honor for me. Having had two major back surgeries, I have been searching for ways to share my original art with the least amount of impact to my health. Being accepted as a Western Heritage Artist has given me that venue.

Featured artist for:

WHA Footprints on the Trail Show, Great Falls
Fieldstone Gallery, Shelby MT
The Knead, Kalispell MT
The Mitre Box, Cut Bank MT
Liberty Village Arts Center, Chester MT
Montana Book and Toy Company, Helena MT
Marias Museum of History and Art, Shelby MT
Two time Quick Draw Artist for the Son Light Celebration, Helena MT

I had the honor to work with inventor Harry Benjamin of Shelby, and the Marias Museum board where I designed over 100 of the 208 hand saws for the famous Saw Clock that stands over 32 feet tall.

Most recently I have completed the Montana Artrepreneur Program class.

I appreciate my community who has supported me through this creative endeavor. Art gives me a way to give back.

I take a few moments to appreciate the experiences of my life that have become my subjects and the emotions attached to those experiences that have become my stories. I think forward in time to those who will one day live on this land and imagine them peering out of their window at the same old homestead shack, pondering on the legacy of those who came before them, knowing that one day, they too, will be counting their blessings.

  Homestead Studio & Gallery
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Art by Rhonda

a brush stroke in time…
a brush stroke in time…